INDASPEC Leads the Charge for Residential Service.


From maintaining and optimizing your solar energy system, to the installation of home solar batteries and electric vehicle charging stations.


Solar Energy Systems

Our technicians specialize in maintaining residential solar energy systems to run at top capacity. Call us to evaluate your system; we are fully equipped to inspect and troubleshoot problems onsite, determine the root cause, and provide the right recommendations to keep your system operating at maximum output. Our services to support clean solar power include:

• Clean energy system consultations
• Inspections before and or after installation
• System maintenance, service and repair & removal and reinstall


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Charge your electric vehicle (EV) quickly and easily from the convenience of your own garage. Forget public charging stations!  Our technicians have the know-how and the how-to to recommend, install, and inspect the right EVSE system tailored specifically to your home and your vehicles.

• Electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations
• System maintenance service and repairs
• Inspections and consultations


Battery Services

Batteries are essential for the storage of the power you produce. Our technicians carefully determine the correct battery configuration, large or small, for your specific energy needs. When the grid is down, you are still on. Keep the power flowing when and where you need it.

• Home solar battery installations and upgrades
• Inspections and consultations


Indaspec let’s you take charge of keeping your energy systems running at peak performance.  

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