Full Service Inspections

We inspect residential and commercial sites before and after energy systems are installed. Full service inspections for solar systems, battery storage and car charging stations are ideal for installers seeking comprehensive site surveys and consistent reporting services for every step of your clean energy project lifecycle.

• Structural viability
• Electrical evaluation
• Solar access report
• Post construction site inspection
• Performance audit - production data provided
• Asset documentation

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Our technicians specialize in maintaining residential and commercial energy solar systems. We are equipped to fix problems on site, find the root cause and provide recommendations to prevent future issues. We’ll quickly fix your problems so you can focus on growing your business.

• Production meter service and cellular retrofits
• Repairs for poor workmanship or environmental damage
• Warranty repairs and replacements of inverters and modules



Small Business Services

We inspect your business property before and after installation of your clean energy systems including solar, battery, and car charging systems. We can maintain your solar system and even install your electric vehicle charging stations while taking all the necessary steps to ensure that the installation is done correctly. Our guarantee is to save you time and money on future repairs. 

• Solar and battery system consultations
• Full service energy system site inspections
• Electric vehicle charging station installations
• Maintenance service warranties


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